Anna Knox
I'm a writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I write fiction, non-fiction, reviews, and travel pieces. I am currently seeking representation.
The Ship Leaves
Novel excerpt
The sea has a pristine look to it this early, flat as a river stone, though the port around is noisy with activity. The air is rich with tar and salt and coal and the after-smell of fish.
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Trails, Trees and Traps
Spoke: Issue 75
The story behind Polhill's regeneration is about as multifaceted and easy to follow as Finnegans Wake without the protagonist.
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Cover Stories
Longform - Saudi Arabia
At the entrance to the Tuesday Market, the smell of plants is strong. With the mountain air moist and crisp, and the herbs and leaves freshly picked, the fragrances carry far.
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Perceiving Saudi Feminism
Review - EyeContact
Put the meta-narrative of repression aside for a moment and the work expands. There is menace and sadness in these images... but there is also joy...
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Every House Has Its Own Story
Essay - City Gallery Wellington
Alneami's images of people at a theme park in Abha instantly evoke the energy and contradictions of Saudi society.
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The Overwhelm
Review - EyeContact
The show is one huge palindrome, with Pound knows how many instances of reflection. Almost every image has a second: shadow, mirror, double.
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Italy — The B-Sides
Excerpt from The Shimmer & the Stream
It's hard to remember feeling baked like stone in summer. I'm a cicada skin. I shake when I lift the shovel trying to spread the dug-up dirt around, left over from the new plants.
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Commutable Velocipedes
Spoke: Issue 74
When I lived in Southern California, I knew a guy who would get up at five in the morning to catch the train from the Seventh-day Adventist town of Loma Linda...
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Turere Lodge, Remutaka Forest Park
Wilderness: September 2018
When my husband wanted to go overnight tramping for his 40th birthday, along with our two kids and three other families, I was hesitant.
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Woman on a Bicycle
Personal Essay — Saudi Arabia
In the Saudi Arabian desert it takes time for your eyes to adjust to the light. Slowly you see through the haze: A hill here, a camel there, a thorn bush. A line of sea on the horizon.
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The Language of Trace
Travel — Saudi Arabia
'Fifty years ago,' says Omar, 'No woman covered her face in our region.' He is the second high-ranking Saudi from Azir who has taken pains to communicate this.
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