Anna Knox
I'm a writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I write fiction, non-fiction, reviews, and travel pieces. I am currently seeking representation.
The Ship Leaves
Novel excerpt
The sea has a pristine look to it this early, flat as a river stone, though the port around is noisy with activity. The air is rich with tar and salt and coal and the after-smell of fish.
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Trails, Trees and Traps
Spoke: Issue 75
The story behind Polhill's regeneration is about as multifaceted and easy to follow as Finnegans Wake without the protagonist.
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Perceiving Saudi Feminism
Review - EyeContact
Put the meta-narrative of repression aside for a moment and the work expands. There is menace and sadness in these images... but there is also joy...
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Every House Has Its Own Story
Essay - City Gallery Wellington
Alneami's images of people at a theme park in Abha instantly evoke the energy and contradictions of Saudi society.
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Italy — The B-Sides
Excerpt from The Shimmer & the Stream
It's hard to remember feeling baked like stone in summer. I'm a cicada skin. I shake when I lift the shovel trying to spread the dug-up dirt around, left over from the new plants.
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Commutable Velocipedes
Spoke: Issue 74
When I lived in Southern California, I knew a guy who would get up at five in the morning to catch the train from the Seventh-day Adventist town of Loma Linda...
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Turere Lodge, Remutaka Forest Park
Wilderness: September 2018
When my husband wanted to go overnight tramping for his 40th birthday, along with our two kids and three other families, I was hesitant.
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Woman on a Bicycle
Personal Essay — Saudi Arabia
In the Saudi Arabian desert it takes time for your eyes to adjust to the light. Slowly you see through the haze: A hill here, a camel there, a thorn bush. A line of sea on the horizon.
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The Language of Trace
Travel — Saudi Arabia
'Fifty years ago,' says Omar, 'No woman covered her face in our region.' He is the second high-ranking Saudi from Azir who has taken pains to communicate this.
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